Through sponsorship or occasional gifts.
About 400 persons/families have become members in our sponsorship system. They support an Ethiopian child and his/her family through us. The system is very simple. The sponsor send us an amount, presently about US$ 30 each month. (It may be transferred monthly, quarterly or yearly.) As soon as we receive the first payment, we send name of the child and other information. A picture will be added as soon as possible. The family in Ethiopia receives a fixed monthly amount through our office. The family will also be entitled to other benefits provided by us.
Adresses of giver and recipient remains in our office. This precaution is taken in order to both prevent unfairness/jealousy and knowing the enormous need in Ethiopia it is meant as a protection of our givers.
If you want to enter into an arrangement like this? Send us an amount equivalent to a monthly contribution and at the same time an e-post informing us of your intention.
Some want to earmark their gifts. This is fine as long as not other givers have filled up this post in our budget. The simpler way, as far as we are concerned, is to inform us that you prefer that your gift be used for that or that purpose.

Our bank account?

Account number 8220 02 11975 Sparebanken Pluss, N-4662 Kristiansand, Norway    Swift-address PLUSNO22          IBANnr: NO4482200211975
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